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Lactation Consultations

Mother Baby Bonding
Image by Luiza Braun

Breastfeeding is beautiful...
...but when should I see a lactation consultant?
Eleanor Colmenares, CNM, our in-house lactation consultant, can help you tackle your breastfeeding difficulties. Eleanor is here to evaluate your nursing problems and come up with a plan to fix them. Our COVID-friendly lactation visits will get you back on track during your breastfeeding journey.

Issues we can address:

  • Poor milk supply

  • Breast pain and sore nipples

  • Trouble latching

  • Finding a comfortable nursing positions

  • Problems pumping

  • Clogged ducts

  • Latch issues

  • Mastitis

  • Tongue-tie

  • General breastfeeding questions

  • and many more!

Breast Milk Pump
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