Serving women of all ages and stages of life, Midwifery at Harrisonburg OBGYN is delighted to provide high quality, individualized, and patient centered care to meet the needs of the women in our community.

Comprehensive Women's Health Care Services:

  • Care during teenage years

  • Annual gynecologic/Well-Woman exams

  • Preventive care and cancer screening services

  • Family planning needs

  • Preconception Counseling

  • Treatment of sexually transmitted infections

  • Management of common illnesses

  • Menopausal counseling and care

Pregnancy Care:

Midwifery at Harrisonburg OBGYN specializes in low-intervention, natural childbirth for low risk women. Together with obstetricians, nurses, and you, the nurse-midwife helps you achieve your best birth while also preparing you for becoming a parent.

You can expect our nurse-midwife to:

  • Provide comprehensive individualized prenatal care

  • Be available 24/7 on call to you when you go into labor

  • Provide continuous emotional support and encouragement during labor

  • Offer relaxation techniques, position changes and hydrotherapy to encourage labor to progress naturally

  • Support each woman's health care decisions before, during and after birth

  • Facilitate strong mother-baby bonding and breastfeeding initiation

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  • Baby with Stethoscope

    What is a Midwife?

    What do midwives do? Why would I choose a midwife for care during my pregnancy? Harrisonburg OBGYN has 3 midwives to care for you during your pregnancy care and beyond. Click the picture about to find out more information.

  • Birthing Centre

    Am I in Labor?

    Your body has many ways of dropping hints in the form of early signs of labor that let you know that the baby is on the way. Click the photo above to find out ways to know you're in labor and what you should do.

  • Pregnant Woman

    Coping with Labor Pain

    There are many ways to comfort yourself while in labor. Finding out what work best for you may take some trial and error but there are ways your partner and labor team can help.

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